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What's iClone

iClone5 is real-time 3D animation with quick design & production tools for digital actors, environments, visual effects & in-house motion capturing. Use the power of drag & drop editing with access to the largest library of real-time ready 3D content, and a powerful physics engine for smooth subject interactions. Be amazed with this fully-featured 3D animation studio that has revolutionized the art of 3D animation.

Key Features

Real-time Production

  • Intutive user interface and in-screen editing.
  • Just-in-time animations for studios and live TV productions.
  • Real-time creativity for live-action previzualizations.

Digital Actors

  • Replicate real-life actorswith photo-to-3D actor creation.
  • Design & direct 3D characters ready-rigged for body & facial animation.
  • Multiple character styles for human and non-human types.

Stage Settings

  • Modular elements and components for scene setups
  • Create beautiful scenary with natural world systems: terrain, sky, water, grass and tree.
  • Make sophisiticated art directions with HDR, IBL, AO and other atmospheric styles.
 iClone6 Pre-Launch
What’s Buzzing

"We are delighted to announce that BETT Nominate Reallusion Inc. - iClone4 got FINALIST Awards with Secondary, FE & Skills Digital Content."


- BETT Finalist Awards, 2011

"Educators and students could also use iClone to make short presentations, and anyone who has lots of storytelling ideas can make their movie without the budget, cast, or sets of a Hollywood production."


- About.com, 2009

"iClone is a feature-heavy, template-based 3D animation studio that's a must-see app if you're trying to break into the camera side of movies and animation."


- CNET (USA), 2008